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Aerobatic Biplane - For Sale

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The Project

I have for sale a partially completed Acroduster Too SA-750 experimental aerobatic biplane project.  The basic fuselage, elevator/horizontal stabilizer, rudder/vertical stabilizer and most (if not all wing ribs have been completed).  The project includes a lot of the material and many completed pieces required to finish this project.  I have listed some of them below.

  • Complete plan set - Acroduster Too SA-750 circa 1991

  • Fiberglass turtle deck, nose bowl and wheel pants.

  • Wing Aileron Fillets Kit

  • Spruce for completing wings including Spar material

  • Wing ribs (completed)

  • 4130 steel tubing kits - several - looks like most pieces to complete the project

  • Welded fuselage, horizontal stabilizer w/elevator and vertical stabilizer w/rudder.

The fuselage welding appears to be completed and the horizontal and vertical stabilizers including the rudder and elevator look complete with hinges.  The horizontal and vertical stabilizer including rudder and elevator were recently bead blasted to remove a small amount of surface rust.  The welded fuselage was not bead blasted as it has very little surface rust.

It appears that this project was started in the early 1990's and has not been worked on for several years.  The workmanship appears to be very good, however, you will need to inspect that for you own satisfaction.

I recommend that if you are interested in purchasing this project that you come and see everything for yourself and do you own inventory of what is included.  The project is located in a hanger at the French Valley airport in Murrieta, CA (very close to Temecula, CA) 

Starduster, Acroduster - General Information

Granddaddy to the movement is the Starduster Too, developed by Lou Stolp from his highly successful Starduster SA-100 design. More than a thousand sets of plans for the Too have been sold, and the number of completed aircraft exceeds 100. Along with being one of the loveliest small biplanes ever designed, it also has been one of the best flying, a point that endears it to countless pilots.

The SA-300 is on the larger side of the baby biplane scale, measuring a 24-foot wingspan and 20-foot length. It grosses at 1,450 pounds with 450 useful, and utilizes any power from 125 to 260 hp. Wing area is 170 square feet, making wing loading only 8-1/2 pounds per square feet.

Relatively easy to build, the Starduster Too can be completed in two years or less by the average builder, if he learns to weld acceptably. The fuselage, as are those of all of these biplanes, is welded steel tubing which requires lots of hand labor and welding.


The latest version of the aircraft is called the Acroduster Too and is a "convertible" airplane. The front cockpit is of adequate size to accommodate your passenger, but really is meant to be covered over by a solid plate so that you can go aerobatting through the sky by yourself.

Much of the redesign was done by TWA pilot Morgan Schrack of Long Beach, California, in conjunction with original Starduster developer Lou Stolp. Stolp recognized the need for better aerobatic capabilities and between the two they redeveloped the whole airplane.

The Acroduster has shorter span and length, has larger ailerons than the Starduster Too, and has a much beefier tail section. Schrack likes spectacular aerobatics and wanted to make the Acro as stout as possible.

In size, it falls halfway between the Too and the single-seater. Its span is 21 feet and length 18 feet, and its wing area about 140 square feet. Power recommendations are about the same as those for the Too, but the obvious powerplant is the 200-hp Lycoming with full inverted systems.

Schrack says the Acroduster's performance is outstanding; roll rate is greatly improved -- nearly to that of the Pitts -- and it does all airshow maneuvers with ease. Yet, he adds, it makes an excellent Sunday runabout, because of its gentle, Starduster-inherited nature.

Unlike the Starduster, the Acroduster Too is specifically designed for competition aerobatics. In terms of both size and performance, it is roughly similar to the Pitts Special or Christen Eagle biplanes, and a bit smaller than the Starduster Too or the Steen Skybolt. The Acroduster Too was originally conceived by Morgan Schrack in 1972, and engineered and drawn by Jim Osborne of Stolp Starduster Corporation during the early 70's. The plans I am working from are dated 1972-1975, depending on which page you are looking at.

To the uninitiated, an Acroduster Too looks like a cut-down version of the classic Starduster Too. But while it is the same in most visual respects (including the beautiful elliptical Starduster wing), the similarity stops there. With a shorter wing span and fuselage, symmetrical airfoil, more and heavier fuselage members, stronger wing fittings and controls, we have the makings of a very competent aerobatic airplane.

Acroduster Too basic specifications


200 hp

Fuel Capacity:

35 gal

132 L


500 nm

926 km

575 mi


139 kts

257 kmh

160 mph


49 kts

91 kmh

56 mph


2,000 ft/min

10.2 m/sec


16,000 ft

4,877 m

Takeoff Distance:

800 ft

244 m

Landing Distance:

1,000 ft

305 m

Gross Weight:

1,700 lbs

771 kg

Empty Weight:

1,100 lbs

499 kg

Useful Load:

600 lbs

272 kg


21.4 ft

6.52 m



18.5 ft

5.64 m

Sample photos of completed Acroduster Too aircraft


Acroduster Too Photo 


Acroduster Too Photo


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